Duct Sealing

Most homes have duct systems that have air leaks in the form of small holes or cracks. The result is a less comfortable home and high cooling and heating energy bills.


We are pleased to offer our customers the patented AeroSeal® duct system sealing process as the most effective, affordable and viable method for sealing the leaks in your home's central duct system. This award winning system will diagnose your duct system for leaks and seal those leaks from inside.


How does it work?
The Aeroseal® process seals duct leaks from inside the ductwork, using small sealant particles that deposit at the leaks without coating the interior of the duct system. This is accomplished by pressurizing the duct system with a fog of sealant particles sized to stay suspended in the air until they try to exit the duct system. By blocking all of the intentional openings in the duct system (i.e., diffusers or grilles), all of the sealant-laden air is forced through the leaks, they stick to the edge and build upon each other until the leaks are sealed. When the sealing is finished, a complete minute-by-minute record of the process is printed, stored on our local computer and finally uploaded onto the Internet and stored on the AeroSeal® Server.


AeroSeal® is so sure of their system's results they offer a 10 year warranty.


Call HVAC Clinic today if you are experiencing any or all of these:

         Rooms or floors that are difficult to heat or cool
           High energy bills
           Air quality problems
           Constantly running system
           A noisy system
           Excessive dust


Commercial Duct Sealing
Duct sealing your commercial buildings saves energy, improves comfort and ventilation and reduces the spread of indoor pollutants throughout the building. Lower overhead heating and cooling costs as well as reduce employee "Sick Day" absenteeism by sealing your  company's duct system.