Series 0931

Noritz 931 Tankless Water Heater
0931 Series Residential Tankless Water Heater


For our luxury line, we have the 931 series which can provide endless hot water for up to 4+ showers.  And with its Quick-Connect system, two units can be linked together to meet the high demand of today’s luxury homes.  To accommodate the higher flow rate demand, these units have a dual flame burner, a redesigned heat exchanger and 25% thicker copper piping.  No other tankless water heater in its class can beat its performance, dependability, and quality.  Built-in features include safety lock-out, freeze protection, and high elevation adjustment. 


These units offer several innovations:


Safety lock out - Default max. 120 degrees (refer to owner's manual for higher temp)

Dual flame burner - Noritz exclusive!  Minimizes temperature fluctuations.

Fully modulating - Automatically adjusts burner level accordingly.

Turbo Flow - Up to 11.1 GPM @ 35 degree temperature rise (9.3 GPM @ 45 degree rise).

Quick Connect - Doubles the output by connecting two identical heaters.

Direct ignition - No standby pilot light.

Thermal fuse - Automatic overheat protection system.

Resin coated PC board - Increases durability and protection from elements.

Automatic air regulator - Monitors internal temperature/maximizes burner efficiency.

Fully modulating - Automatically adjusts burner level accordingly.

Commercial grade heat exchanger - 25% thicker piping than our competition.


Natural Gas (NG) Propane (LP)
N-0931M Indoor/Outdoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor NA* NA*
N-0931M-DV Indoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor NA* NA*
N-0931M-OD Outdoor 12yr/5yr parts/1yr labor NA* NA*

*The US Department of Energy considers any water heater that is 200,000 BTU/h or greater to be a “commercial” water heater, and therefore does not allow such products to be rated with an Energy Factor, which is based on residential usage.


>> Available in Natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LP) models only.

>> Temperature Settings: 100-180oF (14 options)

>> Thermal efficiency for all models: 84%

>> Self-diagnostic onboard computer system

>> Battery back-up compatible

>> Recirculation compatible

>> Digital remote included

>> WARNING!!!  PVC cannot be used for venting.  Use only Category III (4" stainless steel venting).